The CureDuchenne Champions is a collaborative group of members of the Duchenne community who contribute their experiences and expertise to further the mission of CureDuchenne…to cure Duchenne muscular dystrophy and improve the lives of everyone affected by this disease.

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Family Story Aluffi

Aluffi Family

Chris, Sara, Lucian, Joaquin

Joaquin was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy in early 2019. While this diagnosis was completely devastating it also answered so many questions that we had been struggling with for years. […]

New Hampshire

Aviles Family

Ivan, Jessica, Malia, Gianni, Milani, Gabriel

Our Duchenne journey began like so many others. Gabe, our fourth son, wasn’t reaching his developmental milestones. His doctor told us there was nothing wrong with him, and that, as the […]

Family Story Cazin

Cazin Family

Cole, Christi, Logan, Mason, Addison

We have two sons and a daughter and no family history of Duchenne. In April of 2018, we took our kids to the pediatrician for a well check. We mentioned […]

North Dakota
Family Story Edwards

Edwards Family

Mallory, Steve, Grant, Christian

We are the Edwards Family in North Dakota. Our 11 year old son Grant has Duchenne. Diagnosed at age 4. Grant’s younger brother Christian age 8 is unaffected. I carry […]

North Carolina
Family Story Foster

Foster Family

Brad, Misty, Cayden, Nathan

Our son was diagnosed April 1, 2019. We have spent the past 2 years doing research, completing a clinical trial and being an advocate for our son and Duchenne Muscular […]


Heaton Family

Paul, Laura, Elyse, Grant

Our son Grant is six years old and was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy at age three. Duchenne is a genetic disease that destroys muscle, all of them. We are […]


Hogan Family

Christian, Micah, Denise

Raising Awareness and Funding Duchenne Research: Christian Hogan and his 22-year-old son Micah, who has Duchenne, envisioned this event after attending a reggae show in Long Beach several years ago.


Miner Moebel Family

Kate Miner Moebel, Hannah Riddle, Clint Riddle, Tucker Lloyd, Charlotte Riddle, Shepherd Riddle, Arlo Riddle

My grandson Shepherd has been living with his Duchenne diagnosis for 5 years. Since that day in 2019, our family has turned into crusaders for the Cause.  It has been […]


Monday Family

Jon, Sarah, Gretchen, Natalie, Momo, Abe, Henry

We are blessed that our son Momo joined our family through adoption. It was a long road to bring him home that led us to understand that God’s plans are […]