Back to School Resources for Duchenne in 2023

Back to School with Duchenne: Navigating this new 2023 school year is a challenge for anyone. But with a condition like Duchenne muscular dystrophy to contend with, back to school can become even more difficult.

To find success while transitioning back to school, it’s important to communicate with teachers, administrators, and staff your needs. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of forms – medication lists, emergency procedures, a letter to the school, and a fatigue log – that can help you convey your child’s unique needs. You can simply download these documents and customize them to your situation.

It’s our hope that by being confident teachers and staff know how to care for your child, you can breathe easier and find less stress during this new school year.


Adapting Education for Those Impacted with Duchenne


Muscular Dystrophy Factsheet (for Schools)

The Importance of Open Communication: One of the best ways to ensure your child’s needs are met is by having open lines of communication. This doesn’t just mean at the beginning of the year, but consistently checking in, understanding curriculum changes, and being aware of any school events or activities. This proactive approach ensures that your child gets the best experience while also being safe and taken care of.

The school year, with the unique challenges of Duchenne, can be navigated successfully with the right tools and approach. With our resources and your proactive engagement, together, we can ensure that children with Duchenne get a fulfilling, enriching, and safe educational experience.

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