Collaborative Trajectory Analysis Project (cTAP)

The next wave in tackling Duchenne muscular dystrophy is a collaboration of non-profits, biopharmaceutical companies and noted clinicians joining together to advance the progress of drug development and bring quality of life treatments to the Duchenne community sooner. Initially funded by CureDuchenne, the Collaborative Trajectory Analysis Project (cTAP) consortium unleashes the power of collaborative data science on clinical trial design, potentially helping the entire community to bring effective new therapies to patients more quickly. CureDuchenne was motivated to help create cTAP by the tremendous benefit to the trial and regulatory process that only a collaboration of this type could bring. Key stakeholders are able to access this data for the potential benefit of the much broader community.

The mission: Smarter trials, not bigger trials

Most of the pivotal trials in Duchenne have failed. Have drug effects been hidden by unexpectedly high variability in patient outcomes? Or do the drugs not work? In hindsight, trials have been clouded by high variability in rates of disease progression among patients.

The cTAP initiative is driven by patient data and focused on agile collaboration, leading analytics and empowered drug development.

Our extraordinary team includes clinical experts, pharmaceutical companies, patient advocates, and analytic and collaboration leaders.

CureDuchenne is a founding organization of cTAP.

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