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Mama Bear

Mother of two boys with Duchenne shares how she’s successfully advocated for her children with a rare disease as a mama bear.

Duchenne Moms

Why Mothers Should Be Celebrated Every Day

There is no way to be a normal parent, when you have abnormal circumstances. The important thing is that you keep getting up every day loving those kids. You may think it’s not enough, but your children see you differently than you see yourself. I have days that I feel like super mom and days that I feel like a huge failure. “It’s just too hard,” I mumble to myself as I crawl into bed at night unsure of how I will possibly do the whole thing again tomorrow.

Finding A Way on Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there who have either found a way – or made one – so that their kids can experience their best life.

– Paul Miller, aka Hawken’s dad