“We were very impressed with CureDuchenne’s portfolio and how their funding is put towards research. We wanted the money we raise to go 100% towards research in clinical trials…”

Family Story Braedan

Braedan’s Bridge began the journey in 2011 shortly after our own son, Braedan was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. As most parents, our story is very similar. One day you have an average seeming boy that there could be nothing wrong with and then it hits you like a rock to your stomach. Gut check, your son has a terminal disease in which there is no cure for. You are given the standard life expectancy and your life just seems to be in a fog and standing still because you are so frightened for your son.  After the shock wore off – the worry never wears off – we decided we needed to try to do something to help find a cure for this disease. We put some ideas together and came up with the name Braedan’s Bridge, Inc.  Our endeavor is to “Build a Bridge over Duchenne.”  We started off with baby steps, joining in on small ways to raise money and awareness. But in the life of someone living with Duchenne, time is not on their side so we decided that we needed to take a big step. We became a 501(c)(3) organization and started All in for Duchenne to help make an impact in research and awareness.  To date we have raise a great amount of funding for research and will continue to do so until ALL are CURED.

We became aware of CureDuchenne probably about a year after Braedan was diagnosed through a friend that had saw them on TV with the Orange County Chopper guys. We looked them up, and researched them and it wasn’t long before Debra Miller was reaching out to us. About a year later, Debra and Dr. Michael Kelly made their way to our area where we set up an informative meeting for many parents in our area to learn about research that was taking place at the time. We were very impressed with CureDuchenne’s portfolio and how their funding is put towards research. We feel that while awareness of this disease drives the funding, we as parents, advocates, and our child’s voices can make a difference and we wanted all the money we raise to go 100% towards research in clinical trials. That is important to us.  We want to do everything we can to find a CURE for Duchenne so that ALL living with Duchenne are able to see a long future ahead of them!

Braedan’s Bridge hosted their 4th Annual “All in for Duchenne” Dinner/Reverse Raffle in October 2016 h and it was bigger and more exciting than ever.  Our amazing family and friends worked so hard to host this sports themed event each year, and each year it is growing larger and larger. More than 360 guests attended at the indoor field house to support their endeavor to raise funds for a cure to Duchenne. The evening was filled with great people with amazing hearts, giving to our foundation in support of helping us fund research trials.  We had an out pouring of support this year from companies donating, sponsorships and community involvement. We continue to be taken back by this support and it just gives us so much more hope that we will conquer Duchenne and save our son and all living with Duchenne.

All in for Duchenne features a reverse raffle, dinner and drinks and an evening filled with entertaining games and music. There is a vast amount of items to bid on in our auctions, giving everyone a chance to walk away with something. We continue to change things each year to keep our guests entertained to the fullest. We will continue our endeavor of funding for a cure until ALL are able to be cured that live with devastating disease.  Our next All in for Duchenne is scheduled for Saturday, October 14, 2017 and we are looking forward to it greatly! It is sure to bigger than ever!

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