A 3-part virtual education series to inform and re-envision this unique journey

The Duchenne journey is a realignment of the life we imagined. Individuals with Duchenne will live through many different stages, each requiring emotional, physical, and social adjustments. For parents and individuals living with Duchenne, not knowing what to expect and prepare for is daunting.

This CureDuchenne Cares educational series hopes to fill the unknown with knowledge and support so we can embrace this reality and re-envision our future.

CureDuchenne Cares is an interactive education and outreach program designed to provide the community with information, resources and best practices for managing the challenges of Duchenne to help improve overall quality of life.

Number 1

Beginning the Journey

Webinar Session A: Tuesday, 6/2/2020
Webinar Session B: Thursday, 6/4/2020

Sessions are at 8:30-10:30am PDT

Part 1 engages families who have recently begun their Duchenne journey, or those who could benefit from introductory-level presentations on the following topics:

  • Genetics and Standards of Care
  • Clinical Trials
  • Early Intervention
  • Mental Health and Coping
  • Gaining a Community

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Number 2

Growth and Transformation

Webinar Session C: Tuesday, 6/16/2020
Webinar Session d: Thursday, 6/18/2020

Sessions are at 8:30-10:30am PDT

Part 2 engages families who have carved out their path on the Duchenne journey for a few years, or those who have foundational knowledge of Duchenne and could benefit from intermediate-level presentations on the following topics:

  • Coordinating Care
  • Clinical Trials
  • Physical Therapy & Equipment
  • School & Financial Resources
  • Mental Health for the Family

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Number 3

Spreading Wisdom

Webinar Session E: Tuesday, 6/30/2020
Webinar Session F: Thursday, 7/2/2020

Sessions are at 8:30-10:30am PDT

Part 3 engages adults with Duchenne and families who have been on the Duchenne journey for more than a few years, or those who could benefit from advanced-level presentations on the following topics:

  • Transitioning to Adult Care
  • Physical Therapy & Equipment
  • Travel, Careers & Mentorship
  • Mental Health Practices for Adults

Flower 3

The CureDuchenne Cares program is fully funded by sponsorship partners and offered at no charge to the community.

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