Code Bio and Takeda to Develop Gene Therapies for Rare Diseases

We’re thrilled to share news about Code Biotherapeutics, a company pioneering targeted non-viral delivery of genetic medicines. CureDuchenne’s April 2021 research investment into Code Biotherapeutics was based on extensive preclinical data that demonstrated high effectiveness of their next-generation gene therapy platform, 3DNA.

Code’s 3DNA technology aims to deliver full-length dystrophin, which means their approach could work for anyone with Duchenne, no matter their specific mutation. This approach is non-viral, which means it allows for redosing. In addition, Code’s technology can be optimized to target skeletal and cardiac muscle, so the therapy can both circulate throughout the body and be targeted to critical parts of the body. This is good news both for young people living with Duchenne, as well as those who are older and possibly coping with the onset of complications later in life.

Today’s news regarding Code’s collaboration with Takeda supports our initial assessment of Code Bio’s platform as a potentially transformative innovation with significant financial backing. The 3DNA gene therapy platform could clearly have significant implications for many rare diseases, so that CureDuchenne Ventures was able to identify this early on and convince Code Bio to make Duchenne muscular dystrophy a leading target almost a year ago is a success that carries promise for the entire Duchenne community.

We encourage the community to revisit our initial blog about Code Bio for more robust details on the science they are working on and the exciting way CureDuchenne Ventures seeks out and supports a path to a cure for everyone living with Duchenne.

Read more details on this exciting development in Code Biotherapeutics’ press release:

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