Cure Duchenne Has Funded All Types of Duchenne Research

CureDuchenne is proud to have supported all types of Duchenne research over the past 10 years. That is why CureDuchenne has been a leader in funding exon skipping, stop codon, rare and duplications mutations, utrophin upregulation as well as anti-fibrotic and anti-inflammatory therapies during the past decade.

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CureDuchenne’s focus is to support the clinical development of new approaches to treat Duchenne. Our mission is to help translate the most promising research into the clinic and onto proof of concept studies to benefit this generation of boys.

Our research strategy is guided by a maturing understanding of the disease and its downstream pathophysiology.  Science has evolved over the past decade to the point where knowledge about the disease is not the limiting factor in finding treatments.

From a strategic perspective, we believe that multiple therapeutic approaches working together will be required for an effective treatment. Therefore our research strategy is to support a pipeline of diverse projects targeting that pathophysiology and featuring a combination of approaches.

CureDuchenne is currently funding a $7 million exon skipping research project with Prosensa. To learn more about CureDuchenne and our research strategy, call 949-872-2552.

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