Every Bit Matters: Nutritional Suggestions for Duchenne Patients

Leading a healthy lifestyle is something that any individual should aim towards. For those with Duchenne, making nutritional modifications has the potential to improve their overall health. Research has indicated that proper nutrition is one component that can improve the overall quality of life for a person living with Duchenne.

Seven Daily Points to consider:

  • Protein- Start off each day with a protein rich breakfast; avoid sweets and sugary based food by consuming foods that contain less than 9g sugar/serving
  • Water- Increase water intake. Rule of thumb, daily water intake should equal half of a person’s body weight. (For example, 100 lbs = 50 oz)
  • Sodium- Use low sodium food products. Avoid foods high in sodium.
  • Grill/Bake/Broil- Use lean fish and poultry often
  • Vegetables- Include a salad at lunch and dinner
  • Starchy Foods- Eat less. Consider switching to low starch vegetables
  • Fiber- Eat a diet rich in fiber to avoid constipation

These tips are small steps towards the larger battle. A more detailed nutritional guide can be found on our website. Learn more about portion size, what one serving should look like, a sample food intake record and other resources on our website.

Please consult your healthcare team including a registered dietitian nutritionist or registered dietitian to develop a plan customized to your individual needs.

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