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Accessible gaming for people with Duchenne

Individuals with Duchenne are living at a time when technology is helping to make the digital world more accessible and the real world more adaptable. No matter where you are on your journey, there is likely something new out there to try or discover. People are inventing new games, playstyles and workarounds plus building more engaging competitive communities that everyone can enjoy.

Accessible Gaming

Video games are a fun social outlet for individuals with Duchenne. Gaming with the family at home on the couch can be an enjoyable bonding experience, while gaming online can be a great equalizer. Chat features and live streaming options bring a lot of social interaction to the experience from anywhere in the world.

For some, accessibility can become an issue, especially for older gamers. If you’re looking for a simple solution or crossover from console to PC or vice versa, the Logitech Adaptive Gaming Kit (an add on to the Xbox Adaptive Controller) or Titan Two might be all you need to help maximize the fun. Overjoyed is a free input simulator for windows that mimics a physical joystick and allows people to play PC games with just the mouse, and Quadstick makes a mouth-operated game controller.

Microsoft adaptive controls

For those seeking a more customized solution, here are a few resources to help level the playing field and keep you in the game at every stage of the journey:

  • AbleGamers is a foundation dedicated to helping people with disabilities get in the game through peer counseling, adaptive gaming technology, and community inclusion initiatives. They also work with developers to make games more accessible. It’s a great place to start if you’re new to gaming.
  • SpecialEffect looks to transform the lives of people with physical challenges across the world through the innovative use of technology. They offer advice on able gaming and review game accessibility on their YouTube channel.
  • Evil Controllers offers complete controller customization and will work with you to create a personalized controller, while the Controller Project creates custom 3D printed controller modifications and has a library of existing modification to download and print yourself at home.
  • Once you’ve got your controller environment customized, Joystix Pro makes a windows program for gamers that prefer using their adaptive controllers for PC games instead of a mouse and keyboard.

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