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Sending you off into the FUTURE: Highlights from FUTURES final day

The last day of FUTURES 2023 was jam-packed with sessions focused on how people with Duchenne can use their lived experience to help others going through the same challenges. A Game of Life encouraged people to share tips and tricks that work for them, breakout sessions met people wherever they were at in their Duchenne journey, and the closing session was an opportunity for everyone to share what was on their mind.

The six things you need to know from the first day of CureDuchenne FUTURES

The first full day of FUTURES has wrapped! In the last couple of hours, we’ve had educational workshops on gene therapy, RNA-based therapeutics, and muscle restoration and anti-inflammatory treatments. Plus, everyone’s had a chance to meet a new person and create relationships that will last a lifetime. It’s been a lot to digest, so here’s the top highlights from Friday at CureDuchenne FUTURES.

Hawken Miller is a journalist, bringing his experience writing for outlets like The Washington Post and BioNews, along with his personal experience living with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, to CureDuchenne. Learn more about Hawken here.

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Stadium Accessibility

Attending a concert or sporting event is a fun activity for everyone. With proper planning and research, people with Duchenne can also participate and enjoy their favorite band or sports team with their friends.