There’s No Straight Line in Drug Development

Today’s FDA disapproval of Sarepta’s Vyondys 53 is disheartening, but a true example of just how difficult and costly the drug development process is.  We appreciate Sarepta’s efforts and dedication to helping those with Duchenne and are confident that Doug Ingram and his team will not let this slow them down.

In drug development there is no straight line.  Nine out of 10 drugs do not make it to market after millions is spent working towards approval.  But we forge on!  And we are confident that Sarepta will as well, until there is a cure for all with Duchenne.

As an early funder to Sarepta in 2010, which enabled them to proceed with clinical trials for Eteplrisen, resulting in the first FDA-approved drug for Duchenne, we are confident that more FDA approvals will come for Sarepta in the future.

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