Code Biotherapeutics Raises $75 Million in Series A Financing

CureDuchenne Ventures is pleased to share that one of our research investments, Code Bio, has announced that have secured $75 million in additional investments to advance their gene therapy programs in Duchenne and other genetic diseases. 

CureDuchenne Ventures made an initial investment in Code Bio in 2021, after working with the Code team in their early days to encourage them to make Duchenne a leading target of their technology, and to collaboratively develop a path forward.  Since Code Bio is developing a way to deliver gene therapy without using viruses, their approach has the potential to overcome a lot of limitations of viral gene therapy. 

For example, their approach, if successful, would circumvent the problems of pre-existing immunity to virus, and allow for redosing.  Moreover, it could also likely be possible to deliver a larger dystrophin transcript, perhaps even full-length dystrophin. 

Since our investment just over a year ago, Code Bio has made significant progress, thus attracting the attention of other funders, such as the venture capital firms who participated in this new funding round (alongside the existing investors, include CureDuchenne Ventures).  This is a perfect example of how support from CureDuchenne at early and critical stages can have a big impact in accelerating progress.   

CureDuchenne congratulates the Code Bio team on their successes to date and looks forward to seeing the Duchenne program progress to the clinic.  CureDuchenne also thanks our donors who help raise the funds to support this potentially transformative research. 

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