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CureDuchenne is pleased to launch the “Dollar 4 Duchenne” campaign today to fund research to find a cure for Duchenne muscular dystrophy.  The “Dollar 4 Duchenne” campaign encourages people to donate one dollar to help fund Duchenne research.  “Dollar 4 Duchenne” is part of a comprehensive CureDuchenne fundraising campaign to raise $7 million to fund a Duchenne research project.

What’s standing between Duchenne, a fatal childhood disease, and a treatment for these kids, is money.

Biotech companies have developed drugs that show great promise to slow or halt the devastating progression of this degenerative muscle disease that affects primarily boys.  Data from clinical trials and reports from parents about the effectiveness of these drugs, give great hope that we can turn back the clock and buy more time for our sons.

Unfortunately, Duchenne is a rare disease and the Duchenne community is not large enough to cure itself.  But, there is great hope that we can save this generation of those impacted with Duchenne if the public helps us now.  There are drugs, literally sitting on the shelf that could help our boys.  Biotech companies that develop drugs for rare diseases do not have the resources to provide drugs to patients prior to marketing approval from the FDA, nor are they able to conduct multiple clinical trials in parallel.

CureDuchenne, the leading Duchenne organization dedicated to finding and funding a cure for Duchenne, has partnered with Prosensa, a Dutch biotech company, to accelerate access to drugs for boys with Duchenne.  CureDuchenne will provide $7 million of funding to Prosensa which will enable them to:

  • Re-initiate dosing in boys who were in the clinical trial for drisapersen, their lead compound
  • Initiate the extension study for their second compound, PRO044
  • Start a US clinical trial for PRO044
  • Accelerate the clinical development of two other compounds, PRO045 and PRO053

As parents, we do not have the luxury of waiting for the government or a small patient community to provide this funding.  If we want our boys to live, we need to raise this money through the generosity of our friends, family and their extended contacts.  Almost everyone can donate a dollar for Duchenne.  It is easy and it will make a difference in the lives of millions of boys living with Duchenne now, and those boys yet to be born.

Will you help us Cure Duchenne NOW?

Will you donate a Dollar 4 Duchenne?

Will you encourage your social media network to donate a Dollar 4 Duchenne?

It’s easy:

  • Donate your dollar at
  • Take a video or a photo of yourself committing and saying you are donating a Dollar 4 Duchenne
  • Post it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, other social media using #dollar4duchenne and #cureduchenne
  • Invite your friends to join to donate a Dollar 4 Duchenne

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