79 Days of Duchenne – Sarah Burgess – World Awareness for Duchenne

Inspired by her brother Jacob, who suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy, Sarah Burgess created 79 Days of Duchenne to create world awareness for this disease.  There are 79 exons on the gene that causes Duchenne and Sarah created the concept of highlighting this important number in her video series that launched on July, 9, 2014 (7-9-2014).

Sarah has encouraged artists, both professional and amateur to create their own version of the song she wrote for her brother called “Run Away.” The Duchenne community is grateful for Sarah’s dedication in creating such an impactful way to spread awareness for Duchenne.

CureDuchenne supports World Duchenne Awareness Day tomorrow, September 7.  Please like and share the “79 Days of Duchenne” and CureDuchenne to celebrate World Duchenne Awareness Day.








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