Determination and Duchenne – Inspiration from my son on Father’s Day

Each year on Father’s Day, I like to take a moment and reflect on the memories I have with my family, specifically with my son Hawken. Being a father to Hawken has been, and always will be, the most meaningful role in my life. He has made me a proud father. His determination, kindness, and passion for life are what motivate me and bring me a daily source of inspirational strength.

When we first received news that our little boy had an incurable, devastating disease, I was overcome with emotion and grief. As a father, I did not know what I could do in this moment to help my son. However, something quite surprising happened. Hawken inspired us all with his tenacity, unrelenting strength and bravery in response to his diagnosis. To this day, I draw on that strength and strive to achieve even an ounce of it each day.

As my wife and I embarked on our mission to find a cure through CureDuchenne, we never could have imagined the families and individuals that would come together and support this cause. All of you whom I have met through CureDuchenne continually inspire me to be courageous for my son and my family. We are in this battle together as fathers, as family, and as a community. My hope is that we continue to build each other up and find courage to march on to find a cure.

To my fellow dads, I not only thank you for inspiring me, I encourage you to take time on Father’s Day to recognize the important role that you have in staying strong and supporting your families. Take a moment to appreciate all that you have done and continue to do for your sons and your families. May you enjoy your day surrounded by the ones you love. Happy Father’s Day!

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