The CureDuchenne Champions is a collaborative group of members of the Duchenne community who contribute their experiences and expertise to further the mission of CureDuchenne…to cure Duchenne muscular dystrophy and improve the lives of everyone affected by this disease.


Family Story Nilson

Nilson Family

Barry, Luci, Jake, Henry

Our youngest son, Henry, was diagnosed with Duchenne in August 2011 – shortly before his 3rd birthday. It was a fluke test that shocked even the doctors as it was […]

Family Story Ormiston

Ormiston Family

Nick, Agnes, Joan, Darren

Where to start? Darren is adopted. He came to us at 2 months old. I immediately requested any and all evaluations available because mom had been using meth while pregnant […]

Family Story Porter

Porter Family

Clint, Leslie, Grant, Wrenna

Our son, Grant, was almost 6 years old when he was diagnosed in January of 2017 with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Our daughter Wrenna, and Grant’s best friend, was 4. To […]

Family Story Revell

Revell Family

Tim, Laura, Timothy, Andrew

My wife Laura, found CureDuchenne by doing a google search around Duchenne organizations that aligned with our Christian Faith. The search results led us to the Miller family who turned […]

New Hampshire
Family Story Shortlidge

Shortlidge Family

Lisa, Joel, David, Emaline

David was diagnosed with Duchenne a month before his 4th birthday. His pediatrician told us to see a genetic counselor since he was having a hard time meeting milestones. A […]

South Africa
Family Story Winslow

Winslow Family

Brohnsonn, Christine, Jason

I left the Doctor’s room with a packet of flu meds for Jason and an unexpected post it sticker handed to me by the GP that read Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. […]