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My wife Laura, found CureDuchenne by doing a google search around Duchenne organizations that aligned with our Christian Faith. The search results led us to the Miller family who turned out be very like minded with our families newly diagnosed reality. We wanted to make a difference and wouldn’t take no for an answer. CureDuchenne had been established for 2 years at that point, but they were already starting to raise money to fund groundbreaking research. This was exactly what we wanted to hear; therefore, we decided to dedicate our efforts in a partnership with the Miller family. We quickly signed up for a marathon, organized a golf tournament and got busy raising money to find a cure. The small efforts developed into much larger opportunities and doors were opened for us to begin raising significant dollars to help us advance multiple research projects to clinical trials. Our resolve is to not let this generation of boys and young men down, we are committed to doing all we can to find a cure to save their lives. It takes hard work, perseverance and faith knowing God will make a way when there seems to be no way. A beautiful thing happens when we get involved in fundraising and raising awareness, we start building hope inside our souls because it helps us realize we can play a role in finding the cure. It isn’t easy and no one is going to do the work for us, but we are empowered by the love of our two sons and the blessing of parenthood which God bestowed on us. One day when we find the cure we will celebrate knowing it was all the hard work of families who were unwilling to accept No for an answer. Truly all our efforts make the saying, Together we can Cure Duchenne a reality!

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