Kelli Reiling Ott

Title: Clinical Assistant Professor

Organization: University of Kansas Medical Center

Bio: Kelli Reiling Ott serves as a clinical consultant for occupational therapy services in several of the specialized clinics at KUMC serving individuals with progressive neuromuscular disease and movement disorders. These clinics include Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorder clinic, Muscular Dystrophy Association adult and pediatric clinics, and the ALS Association clinic.

CureDuchenne Cares Educational Webinar: Reimagining Quality of Life in Duchenne

This webinar, in partnership with the University of Kansas Medical Center, explores topics like achieving milestones, quality of life, and setting goals in families navigating Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The panelists also discuss how to incorporate quality of life metrics into clinical care.

Jeffrey M. Statland, MD

Professor of Neurology

University of Kansas Medical Center

Kelli Reiling Ott

Clinical Assistant Professor

University of Kansas Medical Center

Vincent Czerwinski, MD

Medical Student

University of Kansas Medical Center

Tiffany Cook, MS, CCC-SLP

Senior Director

CureDuchenne Cares

Doug Levine, PT

CureDuchenne Certified Physical Therapist