The Tools of The Trade in Accessible Gaming

Summer activities can often be focused on sports, waterparks, and physical activity, but that can leave out individuals with Duchenne and other physical disabilities. Accessible gaming can be another way […]

Decoding Gene Therapy for Duchenne

While there is currently no cure for Duchenne muscular dystrophy, gene therapy has the potential to target the underlying genetic cause of many mono genetic diseases and could potentially benefit […]

16 best accessories for power wheelchairs and scooters

Below, you’ll find some accessories that can make life using a wheelchair easier. It’s important to note, like people, all chairs are made differently. What might work for one wheelchair or person might not work for another. Be sure to measure your wheelchair dimensions and compare them with the specs of the product to ensure it will be a good fit before purchasing.

How to manage stress, anxiety, and depression

Paige Lembeck, PhD, a pediatric psychologist, spoke to the CureDuchenne community in a webinar about how they can best manage stress, anxiety, and depression for themselves and their children. Stress […]