In Case You Missed it: The Top 5 Blogs of 2023

This year, our CureDuchenne blogs ran the gamut from FDA approvals to overcoming adversity to books and movies that represent people with disabilities to how to stay happy and healthy. We thank you for your support and engagement with our content that we hope helped you along in your own Duchenne journey. So, without further ado, here are the top five most popular articles with one honorable mention.  

1. FDA Grants Accelerated Approval to Elevidys 

The approval of the first gene therapy for Duchenne, Elevidys, was a breakthrough moment for the entire community. It promises a new wave of therapies that could change the progression of the disease.  

2. The CureDuchenne Clinic Brings Gene Therapy to Young Boy on the Brink of Ineligibility 

This inspiring blog post tells the story of how Dr. Diana Castro and the CureDuchenne Clinic at the Neurology and Neuromuscular Care Center in Denton, TX were able to deliver gene therapy to a boy days before he aged out of eligibility for treatment. 

3. Hawken’s Perspective: Overcoming a Fractured Femur with Duchenne 

Fractures are an unfortunate and common occurrence in boys with Duchenne because of steroid use that leads to weaker bones. Hawken, a 26-year-old with Duchenne, relived that experience, focusing on the importance of the medical ID bracelet he wore and the power of positive thinking.   

4. 5 Tips for Staying Well During Cold and Flu Season 

It’s important to stay healthy and avoid the flu and cold, which can lead to dangerous upper respiratory infections in people with Duchenne. This blog post features tips on eating healthy, getting vaccinated, hand washing, and taking antiviral drugs.  

5. Decoding gene therapy 

Gene therapy has become a popular new treatment method to try and fix the underlying cause of Duchenne. This blog post focuses on how gene therapy works, its history, and challenges CureDuchenne is trying to overcome with its research funding.  

Honorable mention – Pool activities  

Getting in the pool and doing light exercise and respiratory work can have long lasting benefits for someone with Duchenne. Plus, it’s fun to float along the surface and let buoyancy take some of the stress off your bones and muscles. 

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