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Joaquin was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy in early 2019. While this diagnosis was completely devastating it also answered so many questions that we had been struggling with for years. Almost like all the puzzle pieces had finally fit into place. Since being diagnosed we have made it our mission to squeeze everything good we can into each day. Life quality is big over here and we plan to live it to its fullest in whatever capacity we are allowed. We spend most of our time outdoors in California since we have year-round beautiful weather. Most often you can find us at the beach or on long bike rides. We enjoy going for drives up the California coast. Joaquin is a lover of all things sports and animals and so we constantly look for adaptive ways to participate in whatever we can. Research into clinic trials and new treatments is a way of life now, one we never saw coming but it has become second nature. Advocacy from small to big things is also a way of life and we have found a strange sense of power while fighting for all the things Joaquin deserves. You will never find us backing down from a challenge.

Finding love, acceptance and unwavering support through the Duchenne community has been one of the biggest gifts of our lives. And we plan to give it as much as we receive it.

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